The Book Bitch : Part 1

Lately I have been reading excessively. I have been reading as voraciously and enthusiastically as Helen Keller when she first started using braille.

Because it is winter break, and I have some time off before the only thing I will be reading is marketing and public relations related textbooks, I am utilizing the opportunity to the fullest.

I have always loved to read, and I’m pretty sure I fucked up my eyes from reading in bad lighting as  child. This was because I did not want my mom to see that the light was on when I was supposed to be asleep. #rebellious

The amount of books I have on my bookshelves, and scattered all around me, makes me look like I belong on that TLC hoarding show. Everything from copies of my favorite mystery bitch Nancy Drew that I used to read when I was younger, to Gone Girl, to historical biographies, to Pride and Prejudice (did anyone see the Zombie movie version of this?)

To celebrate the one constant thing in my life, that has brought me joy and comfort even in those moments that I have wanted to ask Siri to direct me to the nearest cliff, I have decided to put together a random list of 5 of my favorite books, in no particular order, and the reasoning behind it. I probably could not name a favorite book, or even a top five, but these are some definite contenders. I will make more lists like this in the future.

5. In Cold Blood- Truman Capote 

A TRUE CRIME CLASSIC. This book is based around the brutal murder of a family in Kansas, and the low life losers that committed the crime. The book unfolds in such a way that a large first portion of the book focuses on sharing intimate details and moments of the family’s life. The way that this is done helps to create a sense of empathy and understanding for the victims that many true crime books, movies, tv shows etc. fail to do. Often the crime is discussed and dissected in such a way that completely overlooks the real people that lost their lives. This book has amazing storytelling and it has greatly influenced my love of true crime.

4. The Bell Jar- Sylvia Plath

Sylvia is my girl. I read this book at the wee age of 13 (which in hindsight seems really strange). I remember I stumbled across some of her poetry online, and I was so intrigued that I went to the public library and checked out the book. I think my parents were both concerned when they saw what I was reading, but I mean what did they expect from me. This book is hilarious, dark, and it really connected with me when I was younger. Every time I read it as I get older, it connects with me in a different way. It reminds me of why I like to re-read books, something that people often make fun of me for. I have realized that as I change, so does my perspective of certain books. It really is like the Holden Caulfield effect. When I read Catcher in the Rye at age 14, I connected with it in the deepest way possible. When I read it now in my early 20s, I think he is a fake deep dickwad that needs to shut up and get a job. The power of reading and reflection.

That was mean of me, I actually still kind of like Holden. I think it depends what kind of mood I am in. If you want, leave your opinions of the #polarizing Holden Caulfield in the comments.

3. The Kind Worth Killing – Peter Swanson 

I just read this book a few weeks ago and  I am OBSESSED. I read it in one day because I physically could not put it down. I held onto that book like a mother with her newborn child. The premise of the book is that a man and a women meet on a flight, they divulge some information about their lives, and somehow a plan is hatched between the two of them to kill the man’s wife. Just casual airplane talk. If this isn’t how you talk to the person next to you on the airplane then you are doing it wrong. This book has so many twists and turns, if it was a car it would have given me severe motion sickness. This book was definitely on the level of Gone Girl for me, and it surpasses Girl on the Train. I highly recommend this book, and if while you are reading you feel a deep connection with the characters, I recommend therapy.

2. The Good Girl  – Mary Kubica 

This book was a wild ride. It is essentially about a girl that goes to a bar to meet her boyfriend, he does not show, so she converses with, and then goes home with a stranger. This stranger of course ends up kidnapping her and taking her to a secluded cabin. This girl obviously did not watch any Dateline, 48 Hours, Law and Order, or Criminal Minds. When I heard that this was the premise of the book, I was turned off and hesitant to read it. I did not particularly want to read about the psychological trauma of being kidnapped and all of the disgusting actions that went along with it (despite how mentally disturbed i may seem.) HOWEVER, I read it, and I can confirm that the book is far different than what it is expected to be. The backstory behind the characters, the strange way in which it unfolds, and the relationship dynamics all had me on the edge of me seat the entire time. And when I got to the end, I literally put the book down and stared off into the distance dramatically, contemplating my entire life. #edgy

1. The Secret History – Donna Tartt 

First of all let me just preface this by saying I am a sucker for any book, movie, or TV show that takes place at an elite New England boarding school or college. I love it. The drama and the complete sociopathy of rich young adults is truly fascinating, and in my mind not stereotypical at all, it’s just the #facts. In this book, a group of misfit students who study Greek classics are incredibly pretentious and incredibly fascinating. They are a super closed off group, and they take all of their classes together, with only one professor. Because of this, they get so wrapped up in their own world, and so out of touch with reality, their lives start to turn into a weird Greek tragedy. There is betrayal, corruption, and evil. None of the characters are relatable, and that is why I love it so much. This book has some of the best dialogue I have read in a while, and the writing style is poetic and extremely fluid. There is excessive detail, so if this is something that bothers you, get over yourself and read it anyway. I love books that thoroughly delve into the inner workings of characters, and that take time to set the scene, because it makes things a lot easier to visualize. Reading is really the same as watching a movie, if you have any ounce of an imagination. If you don’t, I feel bad for you. Although you probably have a better social life than I do so there’s that.


Those are just some books that I have enjoyed reading (many of them multiple times). I will definitely make another book list some time in the future.

These lists will also act as my ode to books, because if it was not for reading, I would have probably spiraled into a complete psycho at this point.




12 thoughts on “The Book Bitch : Part 1

  1. “I have been reading as voraciously and enthusiastically as Helen Keller when she first started using braille.” I don’t know if this was meant to be funny, but I sure did laugh.

    Since I have 3 weeks before the next semester begins, I have also been reading non stop. The Bell Jar is also on my list, I read it when I was in the 6th grade. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote has been added to my amazon wish list because I love crime novels.

    “because if it was not for reading, I would have probably spiraled into a complete psycho at this point.” Me too… me too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So, I haven’t read The Kind Worth Killing, but I do have a flight back home this Saturday. How does one start that conversation? “Hi, I’m Aaron. Anyone in your life you want dead?” I feel like I’d end up on the no-fly list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did! I know looking back it is so weird to think about. My parents got me a library card thinking I would be reading like The Magic Treehouse series or something hahaha


      1. I was still reading Enid Blyton at that age probably. Though I did read Disclosure around that period. It was by the guy who wrote Jurassic Park but was nothing like it haha.


  3. Thank you so much for blogging about books. I, too, and a huge reader and am always looking for recommendations for new books. Too many books, not enough time. I have added these books to my TBR list on Goodreads.


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